The new TR-660 is a Type B self-winding wrist watch (submersible). Replacing the TR-900 MIL-W-22176A (SHIPS). The TR-660 features improvements including the use of a proprietary non-radioactive SuperLumiNova luminous paint for longer service life and broader operational environments than legacy luminous materials. The Japanese made NE15C movement delivers a longer power reserve and superior accuracy to the preceding mil-spec. Water resistance has been improved to 660 feet and the construction enables longer service intervals. Lastly the TR-660 has optional aluminum or acrylic timing dials and reinforced spring bars to meet the ISO standards for dive watches.

Given the strong interest for this watch we are releasing the watches in batches to keep lead times manageable/predictable.


  • 50% Deposit amount: $474.50 (MSRP is $949 plus S&H.)
  • Final Order placement: You will be notified via email to make your final selection (bezel and strap options) later this year. At that point in time the balance of your payment ($474.50.00 + S&H or $504.50 +S&H, depending on strap selected) will be due and you can submit your delivery address.
  • Versions: There is an acrylic insert version and an aluminum insert version. There are date and non-date versions.
  • Cancellations: Please note that unlike in the past there will be a $35 cancellation fee. The reason for this is that neither of our payment processors refunds fees for refunded payments anymore.