Our history

The beginning...

Seven years after the first advisors arrived in Vietnam and 4 years before combat units landed the U.S. military put out the call for its first combat dive watch. The unknown Tornek-Rayville beat out all the major U.S. watch companies, including very well connected competitors, to win the privilege of supplying the U.S. special forces units their first purpose built combat dive watch.

Paratroopers Boarding Plane
Helicopter Pilot shadow

The first but not the last...

The first TR-900s were delivered in 1963 and served with special forces units including, among others, Marine Force Recon, MACV-SOG and the Navy SEALs, during the Vietnam War. The TR-900 is our legacy. Tornek-Rayville didn't end with Vietnam, we have only just begun. Welcome to the future of Tornek-Rayville.