Seven years after the first advisors arrived in Vietnam and 4 years before combat units landed the U.S. military put out the call for its first combat dive watch. The unknown Tornek-Rayville beat out all the major U.S. watch companies, including Bulova, which was headed by the well connected General Omar Bradley (Ret.), to win the privilege of supplying the U.S. special forces units their first purpose built combat dive watch.

The first TR-900s were delivered in 1963 and served with special forces units including, among others, Marine Force Recon, MACV-SOG and the Navy SEALs, during the Vietnam War. The TR-900 is our legacy. Tornek-Rayille didn't end with Vietnam, we have only just begun. Welcome to the future of Tornek-Rayville.

Tornek-Rayville today seeks to operate as it was founded: providing high performing tools and goods that are durable and reliable in extreme environments.

Tornek-Rayville’s internal operations are split into two symbiotic units, the National Integrated Research & Development Department and Sea Point Applied Research. Each provides a contrasting yet critical perspective to developing, refining, and evolving any and all tools and goods that meet TR’s lofty standards.

NIRDD (National Integrated Research & Development Department)


Everything Tornek-Rayville does starts at the NIRD laboratory. The best minds at TR work diligently here to design new watches, tools, goods, and gear to adhere to the exacting standards necessitated by the people who “go places, and do things”. 

SPAR (Sea Point Applied Research)


SPAR is the field testing side of Tornek-Rayville. Originally a regional operation for open water testing it has evolved into the head office tasked with coordinating and managing all field testing units for the Tornek-Rayville Division. They are responsible for testing what the NIRD team dreams up in the lab in real life situations. SPAR is strategically located within a short distance to a wide variety of climates and terrain to allow for diverse testing opportunities. 

  • STU-ND (Sea Test Unit - North Detachment)
    STU-ND is the first subunit of Sea Point Applied Research. Created to focus on aquatic testing, with a concentration on cold water operations. The STU-ND team is adept at a variety of waterborne activities and skill sets and also known to be rather hard on their gear.